Family Sessions and Adoption Fundraiser


This year I am doing another Adoption Fundraiser for a different friend that is adopting this year. Erin and I met as preschoolers because our brothers were on the same baseball team and have been good friends ever since! We ended up living about an hour away from each other in middle school and high school so we didn’t see each other as much. Then in college Erin started coming to the college group at my church. But the really crazy part about this is that Joshua had also been a good friend of mine through high school and college.  It was so fun to see them meet, start dating and fall in love. I love seeing how the Lord works!

They have now started the process for Embryo Adoption. It’s not something I know a lot about but I am super excited to see the process work out. To learn more about Embryo Adoption or hear more of their story check out their blog at

Not many grants are available for Embryo Adoption so it can be financially challenging. I will be charging a little more than I normally do and donating that to their Adoption. This is a great way to be a blessing to some one else this Christmas season.


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